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Study Loan :

Let your dreams take wing with Sidra - the smart study abroad loan. Whatever be your financial situation or status of admission, don't compromise your goals or hesitate about taking a decision to better your future. Come to Sidra and we will find a solution to make your dream.

Benefits for Loan :

Be Independent:

Help your parents by funding your education with Education Loan

Pre-Approved Loan Before Admission:

Get Education Loan approval letter before admission from Credila so you do not have to Downsize Your Dreams!

Sources of Funds for USA I-20

Credila's Education Loan approval letter demonstrates assured sources of funds for getting I-20 from USA Universities or Visa for many countries

Funding Total Cost of Education:

Credila funds total cost of your education, including living expenses & all other expenses reducing your financial worries

Deal With An Expert:

Credila is dedicated in providing only education loans. We understand your world & your unique and complex requirements.

Easy to Apply:

It doesn't cost you anything to apply online to Credila. It just takes 5 minutes of your time! Credila's person can visit you at your convenience to complete all the required loan related formalities.

Responsible Option:

Education Loan makes students financially responsible. Parents can keep family savings for retirement & other emergencies


Flexibility on collateral security. Longer & flexible repayment options available.


Education Loan at your door-step, no visiting bank branches multiple times. Credila's person can visit you at your convenience.

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