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Study In Singapore

Singapore is a home to millions of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and Eurasian people. The country has a multiracial society with current population of about 2011 census 5,183,700 (of whom 3,257,000 are Singapore citizens). Home to the busiest port in the world and the 3rd largest financial trading hub Singapore has been ranked as the most preferred destination in terms of quality of living,. Singapore has been ranked as the most preferred destination by Asian expatriates in terms of quality of living.

Why Study In Singapore

Excellent transportation network - The proximity of Singapore in geographical terms is beneficial to Indian students, as it cuts down on their travel costs.Major cities in China can be reached in only a few hours. This creates an opportunities for foreign students to remain in Singapore to seek further employment.

High employability - Singapore’s economy is growing fast with an increasing demands in manpower manpower requirement. Due to Singapore’s small population, it has difficulty in meeting these needs. This creates an additional benefit for international students to stay in Singapore to seek employment.

Haven for English Language learning – Mostly people aren’t aware that Singapore has four national languages and one of them is English, along with Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil. It’s incredibly easy and comfortable to get around since there is no language barrier .Singapore’s official language is English; this provides Chinese students a conducive environment to learn and improve their English.

Oppotunities To Meet Exchange Students From All Over The World

Although Singapore is not a popular study abroad destination for Americans, it’s actually a very popular destination for students from EuropeThe rest are from Europe and other parts of the world.

Ease of study approval

Students Who wish to come to Singapore to study need only to come to Singapore to apply for a Student Pass, without the need to travel to the Singapore Embassy in Beijing for an interview (subject to ICA regulations). This simplified process also has a higher approval rate as compared to Europe and America.

Excellent yet affordable high living standards

Singapore has a low cost of living in comparison to other countries , for example Europe, America and Australia. This is one of the factors that make Singapore an attractive destination for international students seeking a quality education.

Stable Economy

Singapore’s economic freedom score is 89.4, making its economy the 2nd freest in the 2014 Index. Its score is 1.4 points better than last year, reflecting improvements in investment freedom and labor freedom that outweigh small declines in monetary freedom and business freedom.