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Get ready for the Sidra Education with our internationally renowned course. Experience our 100% track record of getting you 6+!

Welcome to The Travel Management!

Travel and tourism is one of the most unique courses and is in high demand across the world. There are a number of colleges in India which impart the best education in travel and tourism.

The tourism industry and its earnings are very important to many countries worldwide, and tourism is a major force in the economy of the world - it has become an activity of global importance and significance. However, it has also become an industry sector which, unless it is well managed and controlled, can have harmful effects on the cultures and environments of “host” countries. To benefit from tourism its development must be planned, controlled and “sold” using modern marketing methods, the tourism and travel markets and their products, and the needs and expectations of customers - must be understood and satisfied. This Program covers all these matters and more.


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Our Coaching

Our trainings are designed to give the candidates sufficient practice in the techniques required for taking the Course Test with full confidence.

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Spoken English

Assess English language skills at all levels. Assess English language skills at all levels

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Internationally trained or foreign teachers train you in effective communication

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We Provide You The Best Training And Faculty. we works with you to create a personalized 'portfolio' based on your interests and dream jobs