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Umrah Package

SIDRA WORLD TOURS AND TRAVELS has been providing high-quality service for over 10 years, making us the top Umrah facilitator in North Karnataka. We strive to ensure that your travel and accommodation needs for you and your loved ones are realized to your complete satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of Umrah packages specifically designed to fit your schedule and budget so you can coordinate with your friends and relatives in choosing the perfect package. Our staff is committed to providing you with requisite assistance and guidance throughout the journey as you fulfill the rites of Umrah with complete peace of mind. For more detailed information of the Umrah packages, please click below on the title of the Umrah package of your choice. Should you have any questions on any of the Umrah packages, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our agents are standing by to assist you in booking your next Umrah journey.
SIDRA WORLD TOURS AND TRAVELS is contracted to some of the largest and most reputable Umrah service providers in Saudi Arabia – with many years experience in providing quality Umrah travel.. We are therefore able to provide a quality and reliable service to all Umrah travellers from the moment they first make contact with us until they return home.
We work hard to select and combine the best accommodation with the highest facilities to formulate a package that offers fantastic value for money. All of the hotels are very close to the Haram. We understand the importance of performing Umrah, and plan to make this highly prestigious trip as convenient as possible for you so that you remain fresh and able to utilise your efforts in the worship of Allah.
If you prefer the freedom of planning your Umrah trips in your own individual way, then our tailor made Umrah packages are for you. We can make all the necessary arrangements for you from visas and flights to hotel bookings. We have a wide variety of hotels that we can book for you from 5 star deluxe to budget 3 star.
Saudi Government issues Umrah visa every year between 1st Rabul Awwal and 30th Shaban.
We are authorized service provider for Umrah visas & Packages for minimum 15 days to maximum 28 days.
We provide this service to Individual families & also Tour operators can contact us for Umrah visas in competitive rates.

New Laws of Umrah 1428 H:

  • Indian Passport with Minimum 6 month validity.
  • 6 photograph size 6 cm by 4 cm  – white  back ground.
  • As per the notice of the Royal Consulate General Of Saudi Arabia, Mumbai the procedure duration of endorsement of Umrah visa will take 10-15 working days.

Terms and Conditions.

  • Single Gent must be above 40 years of age.
  • Below 40 years males and females should be accompanied by Mehram and family relationship must be proved on the passports or either by any original document for example Nikahnama, Additional passport etc…
  • Male Child below 17 years should be accompanied with a Male Mehram and Child above 17 years should be accompanied by Female Mehram.
  • Ladies cannot travel Alone without a Mehram.

For Indians holding Foreign Passports.

  • Any person who is Indian by Origin but is holding a Foreign Passport must provide is
    OCI (Overseas citizenship of India) or PIO (Person of Indian Origin Card) card to get his
    visa stamped from INDIA.
  • For more information on PIO or OCI card please visit :

Umra visits are regulated by Ministry of Haj and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The law applies on:
a) UO. Umra organisation.
This is one of the 40 odd approved Saudi companies authorised to issue contracts with local Saudi umra agents and overseas agents.
These companies are obliged to facilitate all mutamireens from the point of ther application for umra visa to their arrival, stay, logistics, welfare, burial if death occurs and to the point of their departures.
All cost, incurred as a result, is charged to the contracted overseas agent who subsequently recovers the money.
b) EA. External Agents.
These are the travel agencies, overseas, who have contracted with one of the approved UO in Saudi Arabia.
The travel agent is allocated userID and login details into the website jointly operated by the MoH, MOFA, SEJEL and the Saudi Consulate in their respective countries.
The travel agent is practically liable to almost everything related to the mutamir. This covers the handling of their passports, uploading for the MOFA, administering the visa processing, securing their airline fares, reserving their accommodations, organising their logistics, responding to any emergencies arising through their respective UO and their KSA based representative and ensuring that the mutamir arrives and departs as per the original MOFA data upload leading to the visa.
A Mofa costs money irrespective of whether it is utilised and converted into an umra visa or not. The visa, issued by the consulate is free.
Many pilgrims misunderstand the charge for mofa to be same as a visa. A visa is not issued without a mofa although it is free. A mofa costs money.
c) Mutamireen.
A mutamireen must not travel to Saudi Arabia without first having all of his logistics and housing arranged. He / She must carry a letter of confirmation (contract) issued by the licensed travel agent through whom the umra visa had been secured.
He / She cannot visit any places outside of Makkah and Madinah with Jedda being the port of transit. Visits to Jedda, however, is now not prevented as long as the mutamir has his identifications on him/her.
All females, under the age of 45, must be accompanied by a close blood relative who must not be less than 18 years old.
All male mutamireens must be 18 or older to travel individually. Males who are under 18 must be accompanied by a male mehrim aged 18 or over.


A) The mutamireen can be met by relatives, living in KSA, at the point of arrival/airport but cannot travel with them to their destination or stay with them whilst on their umra visit to KSA.
B) The transport for their destination, from the airport in Jedda, must have been pre-arranged by their umra agent they had obtained their visa from. That transport must be an officially approved one. If not, the UO’s rep at the airport, can stop the mutamir from using the transport and put them on an alternative transport for which the mutamir will be charged by the UO’s rep or the INDIA agent despite having paid for that already.
C) The mutamir is expected to stay at a hotel or a building which has formal approval from the Saudi government. This means the housing must have a Tasneef.
D) The mutamir must arrive and depart within their specified package arranged by their INDIA agent. An overstay exceeding 24 hours would trigger a financial penalty for the mutamir and the mofa system switched off against the INDIA agent until the mutamir leaves KSA. This means the INDIA agent will not be able to process any MOFAs for others because of the overstay by the mutamir.
E) Mutamirs must ensure health and safety for themselves and for others.
F) Any serious illness and its medical care will have to be borne by the Mutamir or by the UO who will subsequently charge the INDIA agent and the INDIA agent will charge the mutamir.
G) Any loss of personal possession, passport, money or airline tickets will have to be compensated for by the mutamir or on behalf of the mutamir by the UO who charge the INDIA agent and the INDIA agent will charge the mutamir.
H) All MOFA uploads incur cost and payable by the mutamir irrespective of whether the MOFA is approved or Visa issued/refused.
I) The mutamir must carry proof of their package and produce such proof if and when required by any Saudi official whilst in KSA. Likewise, they must carry photo copy of their travel documents and name of their hotels they stay in on them at all times.
J) It is the mutamirs responsibility, through their INDIA agent, to ensure that they report for their departure flights well in time and to ensure that they are at the correct terminal if leaving from King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jedda. Should they miss their flight because of delay in reporting for checkin or being at the wrong terminal then they are solely responsible for arranging their departure on the next available flight out of KSA.

Conditions from the Airlines

A)  Passengers traveling with Umrah Visa should note the following conditions:
1.  As per Saudi Government Policies, Umrah Visa Holders can Enter or Depart from Jeddah (King Abdulaziz International Airport – KAIA) or Madinah (Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Airport at Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah) airports only.
One of these two destinations must be the 1st embarkation point for Hajj and Umrah Visa Holders. Noncompliance of this condition by Pax who use SV online booking engine may result in unfavorable consequences, to whoever violates, in which case the violator will solely bear the responsibility and the consequences resulting from such violation, including non-refundability of tickets.
2.  Umrah visa holders must have a valid air ticket with confirmed round trip/ onward bookings.
B)  Passengers traveling with Hajj Visa should note the following conditions:
1.  As per Saudi Government Policies, HAJJ Visa Holders can Enter or Depart from Jeddah (King Abdulaziz International Airport – KAIA) or Madinah (Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Airport at Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah)airports only.
2.  Hajj visa holders will Enter & Depart from Hajj Terminal (not the regular SV Terminal)
3.  Umrah visa holders are not allowed to use it for Hajj purpose.
4.  During the official Hajj Period, Muslim Passengers holding Visit or Business visas are not allowed to arrive at Jeddah or Madinah airports. However, they can enter via RUH or DMM airports.
5.  Non-Muslim passengers holding Visit or Business visas are permitted to travel via any airport in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the Hajj Period.
6.  Hajj Passenger will not be accepted for boarding to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the last date of entry set by the Ministry of Hajj.